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About Quantum Fusion

In consultation with the Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science (RIS), the Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE), and the Canadian Society of Physicists (CAP), IMSG’s Alberta lab developed an application of quantum nanotechnology for re-creation at sponsoring Universities.

Building on MIT and Lockheed Martin’s Affordable Robust Compact (ARC) reactor concept research, Ryerson University Aerospace Department is prepared to host the IMSG quantum fusion research project.  

Intelligent Market Solutions Group was founded at the University Waterloo in 1989.  IMSG provides classified services to organizations like Environment Canada, Atomic Energy Canada Limited (AECL), Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Department of National Defence (DND), and Lockheed Martin.

Excess heat evidence of the quantum fusion handheld “affordable, robust, compact” (ARC) reactor proof-of-concept firing four (4) consecutive times July 22, 2016 presented to Western University Engineering, London, ON

Enhance micro-grids:




Enhance power-grids:

Reduce Power Generation Cost 

Increase Reliability of Power Delivery

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 


Oct 2015
Building on Lockheed Martin’s Affordable Robust Compact (ARC) reactor concept, Richmond Hill MP Majid Jowhari, and Ontario Research, Innovation and Science Minister Dr. Reza Moridi provide direction leading to federal security agency guidance with Defence and the Canadian Space Agency.

June 24, 2016
Canadian Intellectual Property (IP) Office Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada enforcement advise on consumer vs. military application with Security of Information Act guidance to assess technology.

July 7, 2016
IMSG present a revenue plan through the York Region Defence Policy Review and Veterans Affairs Town Hall hosted by retired Royal Canadian Air Force Officer MP Leona Alleslev (Chair).

July 22, 2016
Working prototype is created in Richmond Hill and presented to University of Western Engineering. 

Aug 18, 2016
Robert Fedosejevs, CAP Past President provides direction with University of Alberta and Western University.

Aug 22, 2016
University of Alberta Physics Chair Mauricio Sacchi speaks with IMSG.

Oct 6, 2017
Ryerson University Aerospace Department sign off on discussions related to the project entitled “Quantum Fusion Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) as a Ryerson University / University of Toronto Hybrid Unified Blockchain for Application Platform (HUBCAP)". The relationship between quantum fusion and blockchain is the agreement with national security on how to implement quantum fusion as a new class of energy system with public safety and anti-fraud measures”.

Nov 20, 2017
Ryerson Quantum Fusion Letter

Our technician responsible for conducting the experiment reviewed the lab requirements with Dr. Kumar at Ryerson Aerospace repeating the July 22, 2016 Proof of Concept showing energy output nuclear Q value=39.56MeV/atom* as excess heat.  

*Corresponds to MIT expectations of “Q = 31 ± 13 MeV/atom”. 
**LENR: Nuclear transmutation of Deuterium (2H) with atomic mass of 2, to Helium-4 (4He) with atomic mass of 4.

The experiment was to be observed via infrared camera then repeated for observation by simple bomb calorimetry, and mass spectrometry showing fusion** with collected gases, however a logistics error prevented access to necessary recording equipment. Doctor Kumar was offered a demo without the measuring equipment, but deferred to a time when the equipment would be available. 

March 7, 2018
Launched development to support the Ryerson Unified Blockchain for Application Platform anti-fraud and public safety agent energy blockchain at York University TheBlockChainHub Community Lab as a related use case presenting quantum fusion to York University through what is now Lassonde Professional Development blockchain, cybersecurity, and AI professional development initiatives.

August 15, 2018
Quantum Fusion, as part of the Emerging Technology Framework to Unite Society PMO projects are supported by a United Nations representative at a Blockchain Futurist Conference meeting. 

Jan 31, 2019
Competitor Brillouin Energy of Berkley, California awarded patent for their version of quantum fusion announced Oct 13, 2016, as their "Quantum Fusion Hypothesis" (externally published). 

Feb 2, 2019 
A Canadian BMW dealership business manager takes steps for the i8 to be an electric vehicle (EV) test-bed for the IMSG Emerging Technology Framework to Unite Society PMO quantum fusion project.

Image result for bmw i8

Feb 7, 2019 
Google, University of Maryland File Patent based on 'High Density Electron Clouds'
link to 'low energy fission'.

Minister of Research, Innovation and Science Dr. Reza Moridi receives an update of the micro-grid and power-grid research, Aug 12, 2016, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Research and Development Canada Defence Department liaison MP Leona Alleslev is updated on the Aerospace Defence research, Sept 12, 2016, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.


The 1989 Fleischmann–Pons experiment initiated the worldwide research on cold fusion.





2016 DTRA analysis/proof



INIS cold fusion proof



Excess heat from deuterium electrolysis





NASA cold fusion proof


Proof of CNT activity + Neutrons:


LENR cold fusion proof


Proof of electrostatic confinement fusion


RVB lattice resonance


Quantum spin liquid entanglement states


Quantum spin liquid entropy


20 volume cold fusion compendium


Andrea Rossi, recently discredited now confirmed reaction


China based condensed matter fusion induced by muons with power chart



IMSG’s “Cold Spark” makes use of nano-structures and isotopes converting subatomic particle energy to usable DC current. Total energy efficiency exceeds 50% in comparison to current nuclear power efficiency at <5%.


The catalyst applied is a directed muon subatomic particle emitter.


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Leading to the 2016 IMSG Quantum Fusion Prototype

Based on the simple nuclear Q value calculation, IMSG achieved positive Q value over and above the energy to start the reaction (catalyst), a derivative of Einstein’s E=MC2. The Richmond Hill Aug 22, 2016 proof of concept testing data revealed the output of the electrolysis reaction was beyond that of a chemical reaction, giving merit to “Lattice condensed matter fusion” research. IMSG achieved a positive Q value as sustained positive energy output. 

IMSG LENR Muonic Quantum Fusion ARC Reactor Mark I  (July 22, 2016, Richmond Hill)

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